So... Unnamed Monkey Game?

Yep, thats right. No, thats not a working title. Unlike plumbers or the occasional weird blue hedgehog, monkeys rarely have names. So its a game about a nameless monkey. Yeah, real smart, we know.

What is it?Screenshot of UMG

UMG is an oldschool platformer. By oldschool we mean 80s, Grey Brick style, but without the blur. "So what" you might say, seeing as everybody seems to be doing that right now. We don't do gimmicks, physics engines, or flashy colourful graphics. Actually, we don't do colours at all. Instead our focus is on gameplay. There are a lot of potentially good platform games out there that fail miserably due to badly thought through leveldesign, annoying gimmicks, or because the jump height of your character is just a few pixels off what you think it should be. So our biggest focus is on getting it just right. If you fail at UMG, you will know it is because you made a mistake, not because of the game not doing what you expected it to.


  • Beautifully old-fashioned and entirely tile based handcrafted graphics.
  • Handling that feels "just right"
  • Several large worlds, each with its own set of enemies, design elements and soundtrack
  • Multiplayer! Several modes like deathmatch and tag, for up to 4-player splitscreen action. (On platforms with reasonably large screens)
  • No colours! Unless you count shades of yellowish green.
  • Will be available for a huge selection of platforms, including: iOS, Android and WinPhone devices, PCs running Linux, Windows or MacOS, open consoles like the GCW Zero, Dingoo A320 and Pandora, and possibly even Dreamcast and GP32.

What other people say about UMG

"It's so much fun to jump up walls, kick frogs in the sac and master all the challenges that the hours just fly by." (Loosely translated from German)
- Bobic,

"I don't know why Nintendo isn't doing this. [...] The attention to detail is incredible. [...] I love that game. It is so awesome!"
- Nick Nillo on YouTube

"UMG is the best game ever created! I have never had so much fun in my life! This will surely stop global warming! Can i have my beer now?"
- Some guy on the street

...yeah, still a little thin. So if you write for a gaming website or blog, produce podcasts or video reviews or anything of the sorts and would like to get an early taste of UMG, please contact us!

Press blurb and banners

Screenshot of UMG

If you want to help us spread the word but don't want to spend time doing a full review you may instead use one of the banners to link to us. That is, if we had made them yet. Until then just use a text link You could also copypaste the following and claim it as your own doing. You know you want to!

"Unnamed Monkey Game is a platform game inspired by the genre greats of decades past, currently being developed by a multinational team for various platforms including Smartphones and PC/Mac. It features charming low-fi graphics in classic 80s style 4-shades-of-green, a chiptune soundtrack you will be humming all day, and tight gameplay that really make you feel in control. As the name suggests, you control a nameless monkey on his quest to free his caged friends across a multitude of worlds, wall-jumping up and down large levels full of baddies and hidden objects, trying to find all the hidden keys and cages or beat your friends in one of the various multiplayer split-screen modes. Unnamed Monkey Game is slated for release later this year. More information at "

Shut up and take my money! How do I get UMG?

Well... That's kind of the bad news: You can't get it - yet! UMG is still under development and while we can't give you a concrete release date, there's one thing you can be certain of - a demo version will be released when the game is nearing its completion. The full version will become available once we have arranged for funding, possibly through KickStarter. If you really, really want to try UMG now, a preview version is included on each GCW Zero console.

So... Unnamed Monkey Game? Seriously?

OK, we admit it, it was a working title. But then we started liking it and decided to stick with it.

Who is "we", then?

Unnamed Monkey Game is developed by a group of European Keyboardmonkeys (Simianus plectrologium europae), which unlike the protagonist of this game do have names:
  • zear aka Artur Rojek - Codemonkey (Core development, Graphics, Leveldesign)
  • Harteex aka Andreas Bjerkeholt - Codemonkey (Core & Tool Development, Leveldesign)
  • Topy aka Thorin Hopkins - Soundmonkey (Sound & Music, Webmaster, Leveldesign)
  • Danik aka Daniel Kvarfordt - Drawing monkey (Additional Graphics, Leveldesign)